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Camping Basics - How to Choose the Perfect Sleeping Bag

Camping is the next thing on your to-do list. There are just a few days left until you hit the round and go to your final destination. Yes, camping is fun and exciting but require some essential equipment to take with you. Since you will probably stay the night, a tent and a sleeping bag are musts. The tent will provide you with a place to sleep keeping you safe from the elements, while the bag will provide you with comfort and a good night's sleep. If you want to enjoy a good night's rest in the outdoors, buying the right and high-quality sleeping is all you need. So, the main question is: How to select just one among all camping sleeping bags available out there. Here are some helpful tips and information.

Camping Basics - How to Choose the Perfect Sleeping Bag

Size and shape are important considerations as they have an impact to the ability of the bag to keep you warm. So let's take a look at the different shapes available.

 - Rectangle - If you move around during your sleep, this sleeping bag will provide you with the most room to manoeuvre. It is great for summer and spring and is usually heavier than other bag shapes. This bag comes with the ability to be zipped open creating a makeshift donna perfect for all those warmer nights.

- Mummy - This bag is a great choice for hiking-camping and backpacking expeditions. Drawing tight the hood improves the ability of the bag to retain heat. Some models of these camping sleeping bags come with durable water repellent coatings offering some extra protection against wet weather and condensation.

- Tapered - This shape of the sleeping bag is something between mummy and rectangle. They narrow down the foot box like mummy bags but offer enough room to move around like the rectangle model. You can find this bag in both, hoodless and hooded variation.

Camping Basics - How to Choose the Perfect Sleeping Bag

Another consideration to make is the season rating. Before making your final decision, first, you need to get familiar with the different sleeping bag season ratings.

- One season - This is definitely the coolest bag you can find available. Perfect choice for all people who want to camp in the late spring through summer months. They usually feature hoods and zippers with the ability to be zipped wide open what makes them great for summer hot nights and humid weather.

- Two season - They are more versatile than the previous ones and ideat for spring/summer and even for early autumn days.

- Three season - We are pretty sure that most of the campers will agree with us that these bags are some of the most versatile one designed to keep you warm through autumn, spring and summer and are capable to handle even the warmer winter nights. 

- Four season - Designed for winter and autumn camping, four season camping bags usually feature hoods for improved insulation. However, because of the weather in Australia, you may camp in autumn, summer and spring with a four-season bag without an issue. Just zipped open and enjoy your good night's sleep.

- Five season - The warmest, the most durable and the heavier bags of all. They are breathable and waterproof to stop snow and rain soaking through the material during the night.

Once you become familiar with the different types of camping sleeping bags available, it is time to make your final choice and enjoy your trip.

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