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Get Your Dog to Behave: Dog Training Collars Buying Guide

Have a dog that is causing you trouble? Whether your dog is constantly running out of the door when you try to leave or barking all throughout the night causing you and the neighbours to lose sleep or chasing every animal they see when you take them for a walk, a dog training collar can help you teach good behaviour to your canine.  


Before you start searching for dog training collars online, it is important to understand that each situation calls for a different type of training collar. Below I've listed the different types available at dog training collars online retailers and local stores so you can get familiar with them and make an informed decision. 
Remote Shock Collars


There are dogs that simply hate other animals and attach them without hesitation. If your dog is one of them and is really having a hard time listening to you when it comes to attaching, a remote shock collar may be the best option for you. Training collars contain three pieces: a collar, a shock belt, and a remote control. With basic models, all you have to do is set your remote to the amount of shock you want the collar to give and then press the punish button. it is a simple mean of getting your dog to behave. If this type of punishment makes you feel uncomfortable, you should look for more modern remote shock collars, which provide three separate functions: beep, vibration, and shock. With these collars, you can use the shock as your last resort when trying to get your pet to behave and listen. 
Bark Control Collars 


Unlike remote shock collars that you have to press the punish button, bark control collars are designed to automatically shock your dog as soon as he barks. Some of these collars also come with a remote control but active automatically as well, so you can decide when your dog gets punished. Keep in mind that this type of collar should be considered only if your dog is constantly having barking issues when you are not around. An alternative to shock collars is spray bark-collars, which sends out air or citronella to stop your dog from barking. However, higher pitched barks do not typically pick up with these types of collars, meaning you may have to try a different one. 
Pinch and Prong Collars


These collars come with prongs that dig into the skin of the dog's neck. Don't worry, it is not as cruel as it sounds. The intent of prong collars is to keep your dog from constantly tugging in every direction when you are walking him. If you choose the right prong collar, you will find walking your dog a lot easier. Your dog will stop choking himself and will enjoy the walk more. 
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