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Our Tips on Finding the Best Bike Wrench Tool for Your Needs

When we take a look at how far bicycles have come over the past decade and the number of modifications that you can do on one is almost a no brainer that you need a torque wrench. Keeping your bike in good shape doesn't only mean that you have to clean it and lube the chain from time to time, but you also have to keep all the parts together. By having all your bolts and screws well tightened, you will ensure that your bike is going to perform at its best without any damage occurring due to a loose bolt. In order to get the right wrench tool for the job, you will have to go through some of their features and decide which type you'll need. That's why we've come up with a set of tips to help you understand them better and make the right choice.

Weight & Size
You have to keep in mind that these two go hand in hand when it comes to torque wrenches. The bigger a torque wrench is the better it will be at fastening all your screws but as a result, it will be heavier. The amount of weight a torque bike wrench tool has can either be a burden to carry or a hassle to use. If you are travelling a lot you'd want to have one with you just in case you need to tighten some bolts after going through a bumpy path and a heavier tool will surely be a burden, but one that will solve your issue fast.

Depending on what you are going to fasten every now an then, you will need to decide if you want to have some preset torque levels or one with adjustable torque levels. This is because there are different sizes and types of bolts that hold the bike together. For most people, the latter is more important as it allows for more versatile and quicker fastening, which allows you to get right back on the road or save you time for a deeper inspection of your bike.

The main type of torque wrench is the beam wrench which has the handle opposite from the beam that is used to fasten the bolts and the torque level is shown by a simple meter. Two similar types of torque wrenches are the socket and click wrench because they use a similar clutch, which allows you to set the level of torque before you start fastening. The last two are the dial and digital torque wrench, with the former showing the level of torque on a round dial and the latter having a display show the exact level with the option to store it on a computer later on.

Since digital torque wrenches, are becoming more and more popular the visibility of their displays needs to be clear in the darkest and brightest of days. Manufacturers don't usually show how bright and lit the display of this type of bike wrench tool can be, but it can be quite handy to have one that has a backlit display. if there's no way of knowing that beforehand then don't go for such a torque wrench.

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