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Tips to Maximize Your Benefits from Using a Modern Stand Up Desk

A number of studies have shown that outfitting an office with a modern stand up desk can help employees become more active at work. However, just because the desk motivates physical activity doesn't mean individuals are maximizing the benefits. How you use a standing desk determines the degree to which it will impact your health. Here are some best practices for using a stand up desk at work. 


Don't Stand or Sit All Day
A modern stand up desk gives you freedom of mobility, so you don't have to sit all day. So, feel free to use this feature. While sitting for long hours may not be the best option for your back health, neither is standing. In fact, spending the whole day on your feet can have negative health side effects, such as knee, back and arch pain. Ideally, you should alternate between sitting and standing, which is why choosing an adjustable height desk is important. Try to spend 15 minutes of every hour standing and the rest sitting. 
Don't Wear Yourself Out 
Stand up desks have become popular due to their ability to reduce sedentary behaviour. It is true that one can burn more calories by standing than sitting. But considering the fact that calories are a measure of energy, this means standing can wear you out. Sticking to the 15 minutes standing rule will prevent you from getting too tired during the workday. You need that energy to stay focused and produce quality work. To be able to follow the 15-minutes-an-hour rule, create a timer on your phone or computer. Using alarms help ensure you're sitting and standing at optimal times and not overdoing it. 
Understand Your Needs
Constantly sitting and standing can interrupt people's concentration, causing them to fall behind. Furthermore, some people are more productive in certain positions, so decide if you want to sit or stand depending on your needs for that day. 
Listen to Your Body
If you feel an urge to either sit or stand, follow it. Our bodies are good at letting us know what we need, and all we have to do is know what they are saying. Modern stand up desks have adjustability features that give us the ability to monitor our health at work. Whether you follow a schedule or adjust the desk's height based on what you need at the moment, you can maintain an active lifestyle with the help of these desks. 
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