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A Guide to Picking an RC Vehicle for the First Time

The remote control hobby can open up many opportunities for having fun with people, whether it's in the local park, in competitions or just having fun by yourself in the backyard. If you are just getting started in the RC community probably your biggest concern is what kind of model you need. After all you don't want to end up leaving the RC car just because you've picked the wrong car for the type of terrain.

A Guide to Picking an RC Vehicle for the First Time

That being said, here are a couple of different popular RC vehicles. The most popular ones are regular RC cars, the Monster RC car, regular RC trucks, RC buggies, and RC truggies. Most of these different vehicles have a terrain they are best suited to and deciding where are you going to run your RC vehicle is the first step to narrowing down the choices. RC cars are sure fast and best at drifting but if you are not into that, but instead you want something that can climb mountains or race around desserts, rc 4x4 off road trucks are the best for that purpose. They aren’t the fastest, but you can drive them virtually anywhere you like. They are heavy duty, durable and powerful - great for getting covered in mud or bashing into (preferably non-breakable) things. RC Monster trucks and RC trucks, in general, are meant for off-road driving, and obstacle conquering. They might be regular rc 4x4 off road trucks, or just like the monster trucks you see on TV where they jump over and ride over other vehicles. 

The next point that you need to think of is choosing the right scale. RC cars are available in many sizes which is referred to as scale. And although the term scale is not always an exact measurement of the vehicle in question, but more of a generalisation, it can still give you an idea of its size. The most common scale is 1/10-scale and this basically means the RC car is one-tenth the size of the full-size car it is modeled after. This is a popular choice that's in the middle of the size range and maybe a good one when first starting out. In case the space is extremely limited you can get something smaller like a 1/16-scale.

Lastly, you can always seek advice when first starting with RC hobby vehicles. Check if there’s a local RC club or an expert on the matter who is willing to share with you some advice and experiences. While there’s no harm in trying to teach yourself how to maneuver it, the truth is, it can be hard to learn how to do it on your own.

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