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Ideas for Decorating Your Wedding Reception with Pedestal Pots

Now that you're down to planning the wedding ceremony, in retrospect, popping the question and saying yes doesn't seem so scariest after all. From picking the perfect venue, to settling on a menu and booking the best and – there's a great deal of planning and stress involved. After all, it's your big day and everything just has to be perfect. Especially the décor.

Ideas for Decorating Your Wedding Reception with Pedestal Pots

Since the décor will be something that will influence the overall mood and make the first impression on guests, you obviously want to do it right. But when it comes to choosing the décor, the sky is the limit and it's easy to get overwhelmed by all the options. But sometimes you already know exactly what kind of decorations you want to use but struggle with finding the right inspiration. If pedestal pots are something that you want to make use of as wedding décor, here are some wonderful ideas.

Pedestal pots are known for their classic and sometimes antique beauty. As such it's best that you use them in a more discrete way. Because they are minimalist, they can work in any setting, from the wedding ceremony to the reception area. When used as part of your wedding ceremony, a good advice is to place them right at the beginning of the aisle. You can use pedestal plant pots with seasonal flowers in bloom for a romantic touch as you walk down towards your loved one. Later, you can use the same pedestal plant pots as a cute backdrop for your wedding photos.

And for the reception area, you can include several pedestal pots in varying heights that can add variety and depth to the setting. Besides pedestal plant pots, you can also top the pedestals with candles, candelabras, crystal beads and other cute decorative items. As romantic lights are crucial for setting the mood, you can try wrapping some fairy string lights around the columns and create a really unique decorative element. You can even wrap some ivy garland around them for a touch of antique Greek beauty.

In addition to being an elegant decorative touch, pedestals can also double as unusual cocktail tables. You can simply place them all by themselves or cover them up with a silk tablecloth. You can even put some candy or other small treats for your friends and family to help themselves. As you can notice, there's a variety of ways to add a decorative touch to your wedding with pedestal pots.  

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