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A Happy Dilemma: What Size Hot Tub Should I Buy?

A Happy Dilemma: What Size Hot Tub Should I Buy?

Imagine being able to step outside anytime you want to relax in a hot tube. The idea seems great right? Owning a spa is like having a personal hot spring right in your backyard. In addition to being perfect for relaxing, a hot tube is also great for soothing those sore muscles and joints. But how do you go from wanting a hot tub to owning one? The same way you turns any vision into reality - you plan. 

When choosing the perfect hot tub for your home, there is a number of factors you will have to consider. They include the efficient of the heater, the power of the jets, and the maintenance required for the filtration system. But one factor that deserves extra attention is the size. Hot tub manufacturers offer spa collections that include various models with different combinations of styles and features. Larger hot tubs tend to cost more than small ones, so start your search considering your budget and the number of people likely to use the spa at once.

A Happy Dilemma: What Size Hot Tub Should I Buy?

Typically, spa manufacturers offer tree size categories from which to choose in each series:

  • Small hot tubs - 2-4 people
  • Medium hot tubs - 5-6 people
  • Large hot tubs - 7+ people

In order to choose how big your hot tub should be, consider how you plan to use it. For example, if you are buying a hot tub for the whole family to use or perhaps, you have teenagers and are hoping they will be bringing their friends back to your place more often, so you can relax knowing they are home and safe, a six person hot tub might be a great option. You may also want to consider a model that comes with a Bluetooth music system added or an exciting water feature to make the hang out more interesting. But if you are buying the hot tub to create a space for you and your spouse to reconnect and enjoy some quiet time alone and away from the rest of the family, then a model designed to seat only a few people may be a better option.

It is important to mention that the number of seats in a hot tub isn't necessarily equal the number of people that can use it comfortably. For example, most six person hot tub model can only fit 4-5 adults comfortably. It is not because the seats are too small, but rather that the footwell of the tub is usually too small. The smaller the footwell, the more people's feet and legs will be touching, and the less comfortable everyone in the hot tup will be. 

Another thing to consider is the relationship between the size of the tub and the operating cost of ti. As a rule of thumb, a larger tub will cost more to run. But that doesn't mean that a tub that can hold 50% more water will cost 50% more to operate. It will generally be around 15 to 20% to run. The operating costs are often more affected by the pump size, heather efficiency and the tub's insulation.

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