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Stay Hydrated with Insulated Water Bottles

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Going to work, hiking, cycling, at the beach or simply enjoying a day at the mall requires to stay hydrated. Of course you can always buy yourself a plastic bottle of water, but if you're looking for a fresh beverage that is safe for you and has no weird taste of plastic, maybe it's time to get a insulated bottle. Such bottles keep the temperature of your beverage constant and you don't have to worry whether it will lose its taste. If you're someone who takes hydration seriously and can't imagine going through the day without at least 2 liters of liquids, seek 2 litre water bottles that have enough room to contain your favourite drinks, keep it warm or cool and last for a long time. This way you aren't only getting a quality product for yourself, but you're also doing something excellent for the environment (you'll never have to buy plastic bottles again).

How Insulated Water Bottles Work

Your insulated water bottle has a double-wall insulation that is made of two steel walls that are separated by a vacuum. These parts work as a barrier to keep the heat transfer taking place through convection and conduction. The convection happens when a temperature difference is present in the content.
If the bottle is quality-made, it will have a lid that works as a sea to keep the convection from affecting the temperature of the content in the bottle.
The double-wall insulation keeps the molecules from the contents of your bottle from being exposed to different molecules with various kinetic energy.
This is why your cold beverage will remain cold while you're out cycling, hiking, or roaming around the city.

Source: cleverhiker.com


These bottles have so many pros that would make you want to have several of them. Of course, you can find various sizes such as 1 and 2-litre water bottles so you can carry your favourite beverages and keep them at the temperature you prefer.
Some bottles are made of materials and chemicals that often affect the beverage adding some odd flavour and smell. These materials such as plastic can be quite harmful to your body, so if you have water or a fresh juice, you risk to end up poisoning yourself with harmful chemicals (instead of to have good hydration).
When you invest in an insulated bottle you get a safe guarantee against nasty scent and favours as well as dangerous chemicals that are often found in regular plastic bottles. Insulated water bottles are made of stainless steel which won't cause leaching and is a guarantee that you won't be at risk.


Instead to buy new plastic water or juice bottle every time you're thirsty, invest in an insulated water bottle. This way you're reducing your impact on plastic pollution of your area, but also to the entire planet. Many people who take care of the environment decide to buy such bottles because they're durable and offer way too many benefits compared to a simple plastic bottle.
We must do our best (even with small actions) to stop millions of plastic bottles to end up in the oceans. Just one person using a stainless steel insulated water bottle is enough to stop thousands of plastic water bottles ending up in the enchanted circle that harms our planet.

Advantages of Having Such a Bottle

Source: reviewthis.com

No Flavour Transfer

If you want your coffee, water, orange or lemon juice to smells and taste as it should, it's time for you to invest in an insulated bottle. This will be especially practical if you want to have your drink last for a longer time. Maybe you like your coffee hot and in large amount for the whole day. Then a 2l water bottle will do its magic for you. You won't have to worry whether your water will get some nasty taste or smell, or that your coffee will lose its warmth and will taste terrible.
These bottles don't retain flavour so you can swap your beverages without tasting the flavour that was there before.


When you invest in a quality item, you expect it to last. Such is the case with insulated water bottles. Seek bottles made of steel and you can be sure that they will last for a lifetime. You can take them just anywhere from the beach, hiking, camping, place them in your backpack for school or work, have them on your desk while you work. Even if you drop it on the ground, nothing bad will happen to the bottle, it won't break and that's a wonderful thing. Forget about those mugs or glasses that are not practical. Your steel insulated bottle will always be there for you.

Source: swell.com


Great news - these bottles aren't expensive. Investing a small amount of money and getting a top-quality product is surely a good deal. When you count the money you spent on all the plastic water bottles you bought so far, you'd feel a slight headache. So, spending as little as $30 for something that will last for years is surely a great thing. You aren't wasting your money, you won't contribute to the plastic pollution and you get a superb bottle that will keep your beverages in constant temperature - surely a wonderful deal.

Great for Sports

 When doing sports, you have to stay hydrated. These bottles are ideal for the gym (you won't have to worry whether you'll knock the bottle down and break it) or when you cycle and you need to have cold water with you all the time.
When your two litre water bottle is with you, you can be sure that you'll stay hydrated without worrying that there won't be enough beverage. Take the bottle with you when you explore the nature while tanning at the beach, or doing yoga in nature.

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