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Everything You Need to Start Playing Cricket

If you’re willing to try something new when it comes to sports, why not go with cricket? Cricket is actually the second most popular sport in the world and the most popular one in Australia. Both men and women can play cricket. Playing cricket can be your hobby or you can dedicate to it on a professional level.

Cricket Bat and Ball

Source: talitaferraz.com.br

The cricket bat is the first thing you need to acquire if you want to start playing cricket. And a ball of course. After all, cricket is a bat and ball game. Cricket is being played by two teams containing 11 players each. The first team bats the ball and tries to score a run while the other one tries to bowl and field the ball so that the opponent doesn’t score and vice versa. Ergo, the bat and ball play a big role in cricket.

Cricket bats are usually made out of willow (but you can also find cricket bats made of bamboo instead of willow) and have a specific shape – a handle and wooden block. The site meant for striking is flat while the backside is slightly ridged. Cricket bats are thicker in the middle because that’s where the ball hits and they need to endure the impact force without breaking in half. This spot on the cricket bat is also known as a sweet spot. The ball gets maximum acceleration if it gets hit with the sweet spot. The handle is made out of cane and it is usually covered with rubber. Cane handles are powerful, flexible and allow the player maximum control.  

The construction of the cricket bat is of utmost importance. The wood needs to be high-quality and well-crafted. At the same time, the bat should be easy to manoeuvre, nicely balanced and with an exceptional stroke. You can find a professional bat like that in a cricket bat shop. You can even get your hands on some cricket bats for sale. Nevertheless, if you want a bat that’s going to last and one that performs great you should buy one from a certified cricket bat shop. Cricket bats are not the easiest thing to make and you need a bat made following all the standards and requirements.

Cricket balls come in three colours: white, red and pink. The red ball is the traditional cricket ball but later white and pink balls came in to use mostly because they were more visible on the field. The cricket ball is made out of cork and has a leather casing with unique stitching.

Protective Gear for Cricket

Source: insure4sport.co.uk

Cricket can be quite dangerous and that’s why players need to be fully protected before starting the game. The protective gear includes a helmet, abdominal guard, jockstrap, leg pads, thigh guards, chest guards, arm guards and gloves.

Cricket helmets are impact resistant and made from multiple layers. The outer layer is the shell and it’s the strongest one. Inside the helmet has a thick layer of foam that absorbs the impact force. Some helmets even have safeguards. And although it is not obligatory to wear one, it’s highly recommended.   

The abdominal guard protects the pelvic area from serious injuries. In case a player gets hit with the ball, the abdominal guard will absorb the shock. You can find an abdominal guard both for men and women. They are slightly different design-wise but equally effective in injury prevention.

The jockstrap is something male players wear. It’s actually an undergarment that protects the genital area. It has elastic straps for adjustment and can be worn together with the abdominal guard.

Leg pads are about knee-high and are made from cane, leather and cotton or high-density foam. They protect the player from getting injured or bruised and enhance his performance. Leg pads have Velcro straps that keep them tight and in place.

Thigh guards protect the thighs. They have a similar design as the leg pads and are made from the same materials.

The chest guard is made of low-density foam and is very impact absorbent. It has an ergonomic design along with fasteners and it’s effective although extremely lightweight.

Arm guards are comfortable to wear, fit perfectly and protect from impact. Players that wear arm guards are more confident during the game and less at risk to get badly hurt (obviously!).

The gloves are made out of leather and nylon and they are rather thick because they’re filled with cotton. They protect the player from injuring the wrists and fingers.

Cricket Bags and Shoes

Source: independent.co.uk

Cricket bags are designed to fit inside all the equipment a cricket player needs: bats, pads, gloves, spare clothes, shoes, towels, water bottles etc. They come in handy both for practice and during match days. Cricket bags are usually made of nylon which is a strong waterproof material that’s able to carry some weight.

Cricket shoes have spikes on the sole and offer maximum grip on the field. They also have a design that provides players with comfort and stability. The only important thing is to get the sizing right. Usually, a size bigger is recommended because that way you’ll be able to put on two pairs of socks (or one that’s thicker) and feel even more comfortable while on the field.

The Benefits of Playing Cricket

Source: damroobox-india.weebly.com
  • Cricket is a great way to burn calories. One hour of playing cricket is enough for you to burn as many as 350 calories. Combine that with a regular workout and you’ll get your dream body in no time.
  • By playing cricket you activate almost every muscle group in your body. With time your muscles will become stronger and nicely toned.
  • If you want to improve your motor skills, cricket is the way to go. Playing cricket means you’ll be doing a lot of batting, catching the ball and bowling which is all you need to refine your overall performance.
  • Cricket can help you become more flexible and improve your balance and concentration.
  • People that play cricket also have increased stamina and endurance.
  • Cricket is a great substitution for your cardio exercises and you get a lot of health benefits out of it. 


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