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Sneakers & Jeans are Old Pals - Here's How to Pair Them Right

trainers female

It is no secret that jeans and sneakers are old pals that can go perfectly together, especially during casual going outs. In fact, these denim-trainers outfits are the hottest trend style among models and celebrities which is why so many ordinary gals like us want to wear them. Both trainers female and male types are popular among them as they are available in a range of colours, models and sizes in order to meet any of their outfits.

Simply put, when it comes to trainers female or male, we all must agree that they are more than that, just trainers, they are the most stylish, modern, and comfy footwear solution that can be worn on daily basis. However, if not paired properly, jeans and sneakers can completely break your outfit. Avoiding mistakes like that is easy if you follow some of the following matching rules. 

Cuff Those Jeans

cuffed jeans outfit

When wearing sneakers (even the most simple ones), make them a statement by cuffing your jeans, not anywhere but just right above the ankle bone. That way you will be able to wear them even at work, on casual days, when you don't feel like dressing that much, but still, want to follow the stylish and modern working outfit dress code.  

Stick to the Neutrals

neutral outfit

Wearing incompatible colours is one of the latest trends when it comes to women outfits, so if you are feeling confident with it, feel free to mix and match some “weird” pieces of clothing. However, if you are not quite so sure about it, play safe and stick to the neutral colours. For example, if you are wearing patterned or coloured sneakers, make sure your jeans and top are in neutral colour as less is always more. 

Hide Your Socks

sockless outfit

Another new and we must say cute trend is wearing sneakers without socks, but if you don't feel comfortable about it, make sure you ditch them inside your shoe and you are ready to go. No matter how much you love statement socks, sometimes not showing them is better as than making the wrong statement. Creating an innocent, subtle, plain, and sockless alike outfit is always better, thus stay trendy and modern!

Extra tips: When it comes to the colour, white jeans can go perfectly with denim shirt combined with black/white sneakers. Just perfect! When it comes to the rules, the most important one you need to follow is to make sure you pick one statement clothing piece, like for example the trainers or the top. Once done, work around the rest of the pieces and you can never go wrong that way. 

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