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Essential Electric Fence Supplies for an Electric Fence System

Electric fencing is one of the most important parts of modern livestock and pet management, and can go a long way toward keeping your dogs, horses, cattle, pigs, or goats safe from predators and getting lost. Depending on the equipment you have, it's completely possible to establish perimeters that span a dozen kilometres, or create enclosures big enough to protect your property from birds, foxes, vermin, stray dogs or cats or anything else you may need. With that said, there are a couple of must have electric fence supplies that no system can do without, regardless of size. 


These supplies are designed to meet the needs of the modern pet owner, agriculturalist or farmer. So whether you're designing a permanent or temporary electric fence fixture, without these electric fence supplies, no electric fence is complete. These supplies include energisers, a battery, wires, posts and insulators.
Electric fence energisers are the heart of electric fence systems. They draw power from solar panels, a mains power supply or a electric fence battery. There are simple energisers that just draw power, but there are also models that have extra features that may come in handy. These features may include ports for accessories, display screens, or even simple integrated stands. With that said, not every energiser is capable of meeting the specific demands of energy output, so when shopping for them, make sure you have a realistic estimate of the fence's potential size and pick an energiser that can power a fence of that size.


Then, there's the battery. Batteries are required to power energisers that need one. It's always a good idea to have a backup battery as well, in case the one you're using fails. More importantly, it's important to keep a backup battery in a warm and dry area. When shopping for one, make sure you pay attention to the voltage output, as most energisers only work with a `12V or 9V battery. Additionally, pay attention to the drain time. Some energisers switch between multiple modes that require varying power levels, so the listed battery drain time may not always be accurate.
Lastly, you need a wire and posts. The wires disperse the charge around the fence with the help of the energiser, and they're usually made of a combination of copper and steel. Posts, on the other hand, ensure that the wires are sufficiently spaced and supported around the area. Most posts are made of plastic because it's insulated, but some posts feature insulators.
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